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Step into your Future 

Our Summer School Programme in Cape Town, South Africa, offers a rare opportunity to gain a broad layer of the competencies foundational to your success in today’s dynamic business landscape. 

TSIBA Elevate curates a diverse group of students from a range of academic disciplines who, together with the academics, entrepreneurs and innovators in our community, create an extraordinary learning hub.


The programme is designed to enrich each participant culturally, intellectually, and experientially; and to hand over a set of technical skills that you’ll draw on throughout your career. You’ll learn from our technical programme, from one another, and from engaging with the entrepreneurial community of Africa’s vibrant innovation capital.








The educational focus for the 7 weeks of the Summer School include skills like:  Project Management, Data Analytics, Leadership, Innovation, Communication skills and Design Thinking.

The programme fosters a deep understanding of cross cultural business dynamics.      

Hands on workshops and the focus on challenges aligned with Sustainable Development Goals empowers individuals to lead impactful change. The culminating Keystone Project brings the skills and learning together and hones an ability to convey compelling narratives – a vital business skill.

What sets us apart is that learning happens in the dynamic context of on-the-ground innovation and entrepreneurship, and culminates in the presentation of a Keystone Project, which brings the skills and learning together to solve a real-world problem.

In signing up for this Summer School, you automatically become part of a movement of paying good fortune forward.


Every ten (10) participants on the Summer School Programme will fund four (4) full scholarships for deserving and ambitious young people from underserved communities at TSIBA Business School in 2025.

Founded in 2004, TSIBA Business School, registered as TSIBA Education NPC, is an accredited not-for-profit Higher Education Institution located in Cape Town, South Africa. With a commitment to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, and the responsibility to build ethical, purpose-lived citizens and leaders, TSIBA offers a range of unique accredited qualifications and non-degree programmes in business and entrepreneurial leadership. The Summer School Programme supports the SDGs and socially minded business practices that are the core of TSIBA’s purpose.

Part of the Summer School programme are intentionally immersive experiences intended to give participants a deep understanding of how innovation and entrepreneurship flourish in this  complex, exciting environment –  and what they can take from that.


A visit to TSIBA Business School

A Walking Tour of Cape Town

A visit to !Khwa Ttu

In addition to the formalised excursions, you’ll take journeys on your own or with your fellows on the Programme. During breaks from work, enjoy coffee shops, creative shopping and galleries, while weekends are filled with beach visits, mountain trails, seafront wanderings.

The Mother City - YOURS TO EXPLORE

Cape Town, as famously beautiful as it is culturally diverse, will be your home for the duration. It’s the innovation capital of Africa (in fact, your base will be Innovation City, in the lively food-and-retail Kloof Street area); there is no better community with whom to explore innovative solutions to global problems. The city is famous for its natural beauty. 

During your down time, within a 15-minute ride of our base you could be hiking the biodiverse mountain trails of the iconic Table Mountain range or enjoying the white beaches of the Atlantic Seaboard. Cape Town is a work hard, play hard city with clubs, pubs, restaurants, music, and theatre venues at the heart of a vibey nightlife.  A little further, and you’re in vineyards that date back to the 17th century. In between and around, there is the glorious V&A Waterfront, launchpad for boat trips to Robben Island; the penguin colonies of Boulders; and the natural paradise of Cape Point, where the Atlantic meets the Indian Ocean. You’re in Africa, but the influences of the Dutch, British, Malaysian and other Asian communities that form part of Cape Town’s history are seen vividly in its cuisine, art, and lively neighbourhoods

There’s a reason all who come here fall in love with Cape Town. We look forward to welcoming you.

Elevate your Future with TSIBA

We welcome highly motivated individuals with a keen interest to secure their future in business. We welcome undergraduate and postgraduate students with a good command of English and a healthy curiosity. Although the programme does include elements of finance and data analytics, no background in maths or finance is required.

$ 7 380 | £ 5 837

Programme runs: 
July/Aug 2025

Applications open September 2024

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